Vietnamese summer rolls kit (organic sauce)
Summer roll meal kit for family
(with organic secret sauce - 650g pack)
A convenient meal kit, well-known as the Vietnamese summer roll, contains 20 gluten-free rice papers (16 cm in diameter), 200 grams of gluten-free rice noodles, and 250ml of the Finnish made, organic/vegan/gluten-free/lactose-free/no-additive, known as the "secret dipping" sauce. You can choose your own salad, vegetable and/or meat and start your own adventure.
Follow our instruction on the package and have a happy adventure with your loved ones!
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Rice paper (16cm diameter): Rice flour (10%), tapioca starch, water, salt.

Rice noodles: Rice flour (86,5%), water, salt.

Organic secret dipping sauce:

Water, Tamari Soy Sauce * (SOY Bean 46%, Water, Sea Salt, Mirin *), Peanut Butter * (Roasted Peanuts 99.3%), Coconut Sugar * (Coconut Sugar 100%), Tamarind Paste * (Tamarind, Water), five spices * (cinnamon, star anise, fennel, pepper, cloves), garlic *, Himalayan salt.
* Organically produced

Allergy advice: Contains soy and peanut.


Ravintosisältö/Näringsinnehåll/Nutrition facts per 100g:

Energia/Energi/Energy 3223KJ/770Kcal; Rasva/Fett/Fat 6,7g; Josta Tyydyttynyttä/Varav Mättat/Of which saturated 1,2g; Hiilihydraatit/Kolhydrat/Carbohydrates 167g; Josta sokereita/Varav sockerarter/Of which sugars 16g; Proteiini/Protein/Proteins 10g; Suola/Salt/Salt 3,8g

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