A healthier, happier and smaller planet!

We take vibrant Asian flavours, recipes and combine them with the purity of the Nordic nature and bring them all up into delicious tasting and healthy meals.


Our ethos

We want to create a healthier, happier and smaller planet by offering our children healthy, convenient, cross cultural food that is of the absolute highest quality.


We go to great lengths to ensure our food is always delivered convenient, healthy, tasty and as fresh as possible. If some ingredient does not meet our standards, we will surely not use it.


Our foods are nutritious, clean and healthy while being convenient, delicious and rich. We want to support a healthy lifestyle for grown-ups and children alike. We would never produce anything we would not want our own children to eat.


Our products always come with our hand-cooked secret sauce or fond and with our special spices. This is the little extra we add to our everyday. Strong and rich with a hint of surprise, these combinations make every bite a small adventure.


Supporting new forms of cultural combinations, we want to disrupt the food industry by combining different cultures and norms with each other to form new taste sensations and food experiences. We are constantly developing new products and believe food is a powerful weapon for combining cultures and making this world a better place. This, is our quest to create a smaller planet.